Ukraine: Ankara confirms the departure of 3 more ships with cereals

The Turkish Defense Ministry confirmed the departure of three more ships loaded with grain from Ukrainian ports this morning.

Tass reports it.

These are the ships Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet. Navistar and Rojen depart from the port of Odessa, while Polarnet depart from the nearby port of Chornomorsk.

Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov, stressed on Twitter the need to start “100 ships a month to be able to export the necessary volume of food”. On Monday, the first ship loaded with grain left the port of Odessa since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced that the three ships are headed for Great Britain, Ireland and Turkey. The movements of the ships are monitored by the coordination center set up in Istanbul where delegates from Ankara, Kiev, Moscow and the UN are present.

Navistar, flying the Panamanian flag, which transports 33,000 tons of cereals, is bound for Ireland. Rojen, flying the Maltese flag, which transports 13,000 tons of cereals, is headed for Great Britain. The Turkish ship Polarnet, which carries 12,000 tons of cereals, is bound for Karasu in Turkey. Once they arrive near the Turkish coast, the boats will be inspected by delegates from Ankara, Kiev, Moscow and the UN from the coordination center in Istanbul.

A fourth ship, the Fulmar S flying the flag of the Barbados Islands, was inspected by delegates from Ankara, Kiev, Moscow and the UN. The boat is headed to the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk where she will be loaded with grain for export. This was announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

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