“Mangalem”, “Kala” and “Gorica” cultural monument ​​in Berati are undergoing a reconstruction project

Cultural monument of the first category “Mangalem”, “Kala” and “Gorica” ​​are the 3 main neighborhoods in the historical city of Berati, which will soon have a new look as they are undergoing a reconstruction project by the Directorate of Monuments. Part of the revitalization project is also a part of the houses and cult buildings in the city.
Impressive for every local and foreign visitor, hundreds of houses and museum quarters in the historical city of Berati are undergoing complete reconstruction. From the cobbled streets to the castle walls of the museum ensemble, “Mangalem” and “Kala” are among the main neighborhoods of the city that are undergoing the restoration project at the height of the tourist season.

“This year we have focused more on the implementation of the project in the Mangalem neighborhood with the infrastructure, the power network and the restoration of doors and windows and facades. We have also made investments in the ‘September 13’ neighborhood, an investment that is financed by the World Bank, a fund that includes large projects in terms of infrastructure and works in the museum neighborhoods”, says Kallfani.
For the director of Cultural Monuments, Eugen Kallfani, the temporarily interrupted works in the “Gorica” ​​museum district should be resumed as soon as possible to bring it back to normal.

“It is a pity that the works have been stopped in the ‘Gorica’ neighborhood, this is a neighborhood which completes the museum ensemble, therefore, the works there must definitely be resumed and the Albanian Development Fund and the Implementing Society must take measures”, he says.

Part of the revitalization of the museum area are also the important objects waiting to be restored, the mosques and churches of the historic city.

“Currently, we have completed the restoration of the Red Mosque, we intervened to bring this monument back to normal. But restorations are also expected in the church of Saint Kolli, the church of “Constantine and Helena”. Work is being done at a high pace in the museum district of “Magalem” despite the large number of tourists”, said Kallfani.

Financed by the Albanian Fund for Development and the World Bank, part of the implementation of the rehabilitation project by the Directorate of Cultural Monuments, there are a total of 10 buildings in Berat that are expected to undergo revitalization.

/Klara Ruci/

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