Formula 1 World Championship for motorboats next year will be held in Pogradec

The Albanian Prime Minister has announced that Pogradec will be the host city for 43 teams from all over the world in July 2024. In addition, the world water races, often seen as a precursor to Formula 1 car races, will make their way to Pogradec next year. Elbasan is also on the horizon to host Formula 1 car races in the coming years once we’ve completed the circuit and met all the necessary requirements, shared Prime Minister Rama.

Moreover, the municipality of Pogradec stated that they have signed cooperation contracts with key figures for the development of the Formula 1 H2O World Championship for motorboats and jet skis. The signatories include Luis Miguel Ribeiro, UIM F1 Committee Chairman; Kris Spaho, representative of F1 in Albania; Raimondo di San Germano, General Manager of H2O Racing; Paolo Costa di San Germano, F1 H2O and Aquabike Business Development Director; and Alessandro Cavallero, H2O Racing Logistics Director. The championship is scheduled to take place from July 2 to 7, 2024.

43 teams from various countries, accompanied by approximately 600 support staff, will participate in the development of these competitions. It should also be considered the substantial number of spectators tuning in from every corner of the globe. This marks the first time Albania will welcome two major world sports events, significantly promoting tourism in Pogradec and our country. The city will bask in extraordinary worldwide media attention, as it returns to the global epicenter of water sports for a thrilling 7-day period.

F1H2O races typically have an average duration of 45 minutes. The event is set to unfold along the water track of Lake Pogradec, where ongoing efforts are being made to ensure all necessary technical and safety conditions are met. Motorboat drivers navigate their vehicles through curves and obstacles, reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h.

F1H2O organizes competitions in various countries across the globe, including Italy, France, Britain, and Abu Dhabi. The championship is in the wake of the tourist offers that raises Albania to a new level.


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