1 million euros to Ukraine/ Marchenko: We are grateful to the government of Albania

The Albanian government, in June of this year, approved the fund of 1 million euros for Ukraine. The promise was made at the Donors’ Conference. Based on this promise, today the fund of 1 million euros was handed over to Ukraine by the Albanian government. The news was announced by the Ukrainian ambassador to Albania, Volodymyr Shkurov. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Albania, ensured the receipt of financial assistance in the accounts of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine.

Ambassador Shkurov informs that this fund will be used for Ukraine’s priority expenses.

“The support of our international partners accelerates the victory of Ukraine. We are grateful to the Government of Albania for helping our country in the face of a large-scale Russian invasion. These funds will strengthen the stability of the financial system of Ukraine”, said the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Serhiy Marchenko.

/Klara Ruci/

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